The musical Art Quintet

The Musical Art Quintet, made up of Anthony Blea, Jory Fankuchen, Charith Premawardhana, Lewis Patzner, and Sascha Jacobsen, was formed in 2008 in the Mission district of San Francisco during chamber music jam sessions every Sunday night at Cafe Revolution. The name of the quintet is taken from The Musical Art Quartet, a string quartet formed in the 1920's and led by the great-grandfather and namesake of the bassist and composer for the quintet, Sascha Jacobsen. Although classically trained, the members of The Musical Art Quintet are skilled improvisers and each one brings a special area of expertise. Whether it be Jazz, Argentine Tango, Afro-Cuban Son, or Klezmer, the Quintet is at home. The music of band leader Sascha Jacobsen propels the group with rhythmic, lyrical, modern compositions, and new arrangements of pieces by great composers of all genres. The Quintet has cemented its status as a top chamber ensemble with recent recordings with the Nuevo Flamenco guitarist Stevan Pasero (Twelve Shades of Night, 2011, Sugo records) and with the Argentine Tango group Trio Garufa (El Rumor de tus Tangos, 2012, Garufa records) and Doug Beavers 2015 release: Titanes del Trombone.