Our Story

Founded in 2015, The Concert Company is a private concert booking platform that connects audiences and musicians.  It is the product of creator Keiko Shimizu’s fierce passion for music that developed when she first moved to Sonoma, California from Tokyo, Japan.

Dealing with the difficulties of new motherhood, the language barrier, and a foreign country, Keiko turned to music for comfort.  When she first heard her six year-old daughter play Vivaldi on the violin, Keiko realized the power of live music and how its overwhelming beauty can transport you.  So she began going to local music concerts.  She found the experience of being feet away as musicians created beautiful music was an amazing experience – both the audience and the musicians were united in a wave of energy and tranquility, the feeling of which didn’t leave even after the concert finished.

She thought of how it would be exciting to bring the beauty of live music to the comfort of her own house and soon her Home Concert Series was born.  Keiko invited over friends and family to listen to live musicians in her living room. All proceeds from ticket sales went directly to the musicians at the end of their performances. Her home concerts became so popular Keiko began receiving requests for local musician recommendations for other similar events and parties.  

And so The Concert Company was born out of Keiko’s deep passion for music and her desire to connect audiences with musicians.  All of the musicians we feature on The Concert Company have been hand-selected for their talent, dedication, and professionalism.  We hope that you will feel as deeply connected to their music as we do.  

Keiko Shimizu

Keiko Shimizu


   Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the
   imagination, and life to everything.
   - Plato