David Atria

A composer, musician, and writer, Belgium born David Atria created an online journal of art and literature called "in situ!" with Nunzio d'Annibale and Raphael Denys in Paris in 2002. This journal publishes interviews with important writers and musicians such as: Philippe Sollers, Jordi Savall, Fabio Biondi, Etienne Klein, Stéphane Zagdanski, etc. David also published reviews from classical albums in the Magazine Littéraire in Paris and later started composing music for a Parisian's Musical Firm making mostly advertising and continued to work on his own compositions getting inspired by the great metropolis of France. In 2007, Fabio Biondi performed his first sonata for violin at a concert in Norway. In 2010, David collaborated with a quartet from the National Orchestra of Bordeaux and teamed up with violinist Anne-Sylvie Primo who leads the Ensemble Darius and continued performing many of his repertoire and compositions. In 2012, David started creating Continuum Presence, performance dance/music/video in collaboration with videographers and the artist Olivier Pé, as the co-director. During the same year, he accomplished two books of French Poetry, and another book based on his own experience with musical compositions titled "How I came back to where I was." This book opens our eyes to his perspective through the study and history of music by analyzing great composers, and deepens the artist’s spiritual lineage through the present and future course. David's released album Continuum Presence gathers the best compositions created for the Ensemble David Atria. His new album, Via Tertia was digital released in 2015. David also published on SoundCloud two albums of acoustic-electronic music called : Music for Imaginary Scenes I & II. The fifth disc « Exogénèse », which will consist of pieces for chamber ensemble, is in preparation for the Parnassie label (2016).