Antonio Iturrioz

Steinway Artist, International Concert Pianist, and Documentarian Antonio Iturrioz was born in Cuba and came to America when he was seven.  He has studied with Byron Janis, Andre Watts, Jorge Bolet and Alexis Weissenberg.  He has written, produced, and performed two musical documentaries, each of which is a first:  The Art of the Left Hand: A Brief History of Left Hand Piano Music and The Buddha of the Piano: Leopold Godowsky. Iturrioz has a vast repertoire ranging from the complete works of Robert Schumann to the foremost Cuban pianist-composer Ernesto Lecuona, along with works written for the left hand alone.  In 2013, he played L. M. Gottschalk’s Nuit des Tropiques at the World Premiere in San Francisco after transcribing the second movement (Fiesta Criolla) for one piano.  The European Premiere followed in Italy that summer.